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Research with Nurses Say They Feel .....

  • Forgotten why they became a nurse to begin with

  • Overwhelmed

  • Can't turn it off

  • Turning on each other

  • No boundaries

  • Aren't able to be present for their patients

  • Have so much grief and don't know what to do with it

  • Crying in the shower

  • Can't sleep

Oncology Nurses NEED Support to Help Re-Build Their Resilience and Manage  Compassion Fatigue

  • Nurses need physical, mental, and emotional strength

  • Nurses learn early on how to deal with pain and suffering

  • Compassion Fatigue is also known as secondary traumatic stress:  Countertransference, identifying with patient's journey or Vicarious Traumatization, a more serious over-identification where there is permanent disruption to the nurses pyschological frame of reference in how they view the world

  • Compassion Fatigue presents as:  Emotional outbursts with colleagues and patients, withdrawing from colleagues or not being as compassionate to patients, emotional and psychological challenges such as anxiety or depression, health issues such as more frequent illness, heart disease, and weight gain, and job dissatisfaction or termination

Oncology Nurses Require a High Degree of Compassion, Empathy, AND Resilience to Care for Cancer Patients

Living Yoga Therapy Has Created an Enduring Oncology Nurse Resiliency Program Designed to Target the Root of Compassion Fatigue

How We Help

Living Yoga Therapy Creates Tailored Programs for Your Institution, Hospital, Clinic, and For the Individual Nurse

What is the Cost of This Program or Parts of the Program?

Living Yoga Therapy Provides Funding for the Program or Parts of the Program

Each Program Begins with a 60-90 Minute Experiential Workshop 

On-Site Mind-Body Programs are Created 

What if We Only Want to Do One Part of the Program? 

Living Yoga Therapy TAILORS the Nursing Resiliency Program to YOUR Needs - Just ASK!

Virtual Mind-Body Programs Are Held Weekly AND Selected by You

One on One Self-Care and Resiliency Plan Consultation

My institution or company would like to donate toward helping the Nurses.  How do we do that? 

Quarterly Resiliency 2 Hour Experiential Workshop

Yearly Oncology Nurse Resiliency and Self-Care Retreat

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