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Raquel Forsgren

Raquel Jex Forsgren

Founder and CEO of Living Yoga Therapy and Yoga with Raquel


People with Cancer

What We Do

We offer private and small group sessions personalized to the individual's stage of disease, treatments, physical, mental, and emotional needs.

We combine many philosophies and styles of yoga to create a gentle, deeply relaxing, and healing therapeutic yoga session. 

Living Yoga Therapy's Mission - Teach the person living through cancer how to help themselves as they learn to live with their "new normal" and support the Teams that care for them - the Nurses, Care Partners, and Care Givers.

Healthy Seniors
Parkinsons Patients


"I am almost 90 years old.  My husband and I have been taking Chair Yoga to help

keep our minds and bodies active.  It has helped us a great deal.

Raquel designs each session according to how we feel at that time.  For example,

if my joints ache or my brain is foggy, our session will include things to help.  The

exercises we do are gentle and don’t hurt.

I’ve learned how to control my breathing.  My balance has improved and muscles

are getting stronger.  We have word games we play to help our memory and they’re fun.  

Yoga helps my emotional feelings.  After the sessions I have more energy and my body

sort of tingles.  

Best of all it’s fun and I look forward to each session."


Diane J 



"Yoga for Seniors has been quite a revelation.  Prior to trying it, I thought

all yoga consisted of contortions, awkward poses, and strange noises. 

The chair yoga, that we do with Raquel, is slow, deliberate movement, quiet meditation, and fun

exercises to improve balance, memory, and flexibility. 

The breathing control training has been very helpful with occasional insomnia, and

balancing exercises have improved my balance.  As we age, we need this type

of help to maintain our independent and active lives. 

My wife and I are close to 90 years old, and the tailored sessions that we have are

well suited to our age and abilities."


Glen J

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