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Can't Think of a Better Place to Write Than Del Mar...

Hi!!!! Welcome to Yoga with Raquel and welcome to my website and FIRST blog post! What an intimidating and humbling thing to create a website, post pics, and write for the entire world to see!

I've had so many friends and clients suggest doing a blog because I love to post quotes on my Instagram and Facebook pages. So, here goes!! I hope that what you read and practice, you will love, that it will help you, even in some small way.

On my blog, you'll find a lot of things to come! Videos on postures, meditations, pictures of friends and clients, quotes, articles and research on why we should be doing yoga and really, just my journey.

This week I start another course called The Secret Power of Yoga ❤️ I will be posting the quotes and highlights of the day.

First stop after arriving in Fel Mar wouldn't be complete without Julie's Bikini Shop. She is an icon her on the Pacific Coast Highway!

Of course, I had to play on the floor with Frank and Olive, who I've seen for years in her shop!

Stay tuned for more!!!! XOXO Raquel

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