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89-YEARS-YOUNG, Practicing Yoga AND A New Memory Enhancing Meditation 3 Days A Week

My grandparents, also known as, Gram and Gramps, started yoga in October of 2016.

Starting yoga with ONLY a chair, they are now doing postures WITHOUT the chair, standing in balancing poses with THEIR EYES CLOSED, and practicing meditations of all kinds, including this NEW one I learned recently at one of my trainings!

For 89, they have better memories, quite frankly, better than mine at 47, however, they do something every day to be healthy! The latest is a one endorsed by the Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation, for improving brain function and memory loss.

Click on the link BELOW to do the 12 Minute Exercise Yourself!!

Gram and Gramps have never chanted, sung Sanskrit, and don't even know what the words mean, but what they do know, is that it is working their memory every day! Plus, we have a great time doing it together over Face Time!

Yes, that's how they practice - 45 minutes on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

What an inspiration to.... Just Living. Beautifully. Elegantly. Intentionally. What AWESOME role models! My heart honors their hearts, my soul honors their souls. I love them so much!

#Yoga #Memory #Alzheimers #Seniors

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