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Yoga and Weight Loss. What is the connection?

Join me on Tuesday, September 12th at 6:30 p.m., for a 90-minute seminar on ...............

Our Weight. What a heavily debated, highly personal, and topic full of judgement. We judge ourselves, we judge others, people even judge our dogs (just ask my friend, Sophie)!!

The bottom line is this: Keeping our bodies and minds in a balanced state is the most important thing we can do for our health. Our thoughts send signals to our bodies and our bodies react, then send signals to our brain. It keeps going 'round and 'round! It's that simple.

The link between Yoga and Weight Loss exists. However, the definition of weight loss - can be either in pounds or inches. It's also a relative number that is based on our age, our constitution, genetics, conditions, what's going on in our lives, what we eat, what type of exercise we get, how much or how little we sleep, and what our attitudes are like.

Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Yoga Therapy create a powerful combination that support our body's ability to lose weight. Together these modalities collaborate to help balance the body's metabolism and hormones and create a nurturing, pain-free environment for body movement. These ancient medical practices have been used for thousands of years to assist the body in losing weight and in maintaining healthy weight.

Join me at the Chicago Healing Center, on Tuesday, September 12th at 6:30 p.m., for a 90-minute seminar along with two other integrative medicine practioners, as we discuss the importance of weight loss, specifically, helping balance the body, mind, and spirit, and these powerful, time-tested modalities.

“Acupuncture and Weight Loss: Reconnecting Brain and Body“ Dr. Candace Liu, L.Ac., B.Med, MSOM, DAOM, Dipl. OM Healing Center

“Balance Digestion, Balance Emotions, Balance Weight: The Holistic Approach of AyurVeda” Dr. Paul J. Morehead, PhD, Maharishi College of Integrative Medicine

“Weight Loss and Yoga: Establish the Connection” Raquel Jex Forsgren , Yoga Teacher, 500-YT and Yoga Therapist

For all current patients of Chicago Healing Center, the seminar is FREE!

For all others, the seminar is being offered for only $10!

Call 773-609-3520 to reserve your spot today! 4753 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640 Suite 812

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