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Cancer and Yoga Therapy - How Can It Help?

What is yoga therapy and why would it help a person with cancer?

Today, I spent my morning at the American Society for Hematology Chicago meeting hearing the latest on current and future treatments in a variety of different blood cancers.

On top of completely "nerding" out on the science, I was so excited to talk about Yoga Therapy! I ran into former colleagues from a few different companies I have worked in (AbbVie, Novartis, and Pharmacia), who wanted to hear more.

Rich, Sean, Kate, and Matt to name a few, asked great questions and it inspired me to create this video to talk a little more about it.

As I mention in my 5 minute video below, I'll be adding a significant amount of content (meditations, deep relaxations, and sequences) on my website, tailored to cancer. Why? Because I have spent over 25 years in the field and it is my passion.

I believe in many of the treatments that clinicians are offering their patients, believe that patient empowerment in understanding their disease, their options, and their emotions are critical to achieve the best outcomes, and I believe in and support all of the scientists that continue to find new treatments that not only extend life - even if it's days to months, months to years, and years to remission, but also finding those that are easier for people to take.

Oncology has come a long way with more to go, but we will all get there - TOGETHER.

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