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How Do I Deal With Difficult Emotions?

DIFFICULT EMOTIONS? Anyone have them? Bueller??? (Tressa will get this one)....

Through the years I've struggled with them and "managed" them in more ways than one. Not very many of which were very healthy, sans my addiction to the elliptical and free weights.

My way of managing, meant taking a Xanax, working 12-15 hour days, traveling the weekends, moving back and forth coast to coast, and being afraid of any type of commitment (long term company or person) for that matter.

Finally after finding an amazing shrink in NYC, finding yoga courtesy of Alice and Jennifer, I do other things......

LIKE THIS: In my 7-minute audio meditation below, you'll hear one of many strategies I NOW use to cope because yes, even as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist, love-conquers-everything, send-feel-compassion-forgive kind of gal, I still struggle with them.

Emotions that are the most difficult for me to deal with, sit with, or lean into..... betrayal, feeling anger, feeling loved, and fear of loss.....

What are yours?

Just Live, Friends...... Beautifully. Elegantly. Intentionally.

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