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Embracing and Analyzing Emotions

Have you ever been "thinking" or "feeling" something and you can't quite figure out what it is?

Has something been bothering you, that you can feel in your body, but can't quite put your finger on it?

Well, if you have, you are NOT alone. You are literally, THE NORM.

Check out these short 5 and 6 minute guided audio meditations to embrace and analyze them. Do them in order......Play the one on top first followed by the bottom.

A bit about the audios.........I created these for a beautiful friend struggling with feeling anger and a myriad of assorted emotions and thoughts that go hand with that emotion. There are so many of us (yes, this yogi, too) that struggle with this particular emotion.

Personally, I am bothered by anger the most because I think, "if I feel anger, will it continue to manifest and bring more back to me" to "anger is ugly and I want to be beautiful", to "anger creates disease in the body."

Well, all of those may be true but only to a certain extent. I believe that anger is an emotion we all feel and likely need to feel, in some way. Some feel it differently ---- from a random annoyance to a visceral reaction that people can see in the color of our skin. I'm somewhere in between, depending on where it comes from.

What I do know, is that left "unembraced", anger WILL manifest disease. Think about it. When you feel anger, where do you feel it? Mine ranges, but most often is in the upper belly, where I get a burning feeling, or in my chest, where it feels tight, or between my eyebrows, giving me a headache. Left un-addressed, anger WILL run off the ranch. You can see the correlation and how the cycle of disease may start, right?

If you want to embrace the emotion, lean into it as Brene Brown says, then listen to these two short audio meditations. I adapted them from this amazing teacher and psychotherapist, Richard Miller. I was so blessed to have him as one of my teachers in my yoga therapy program. We spent a full week with him in a silent retreat learning from him and healing ourselves with his meditations.

If you want more like these two, find Richard Miller on his uTube channel AND order his book - iRest for healing PTSD. His yoga nidras (yogic sleep) are game changers. Check out his yoga nidra for sleep. It is mind-blowing.

XOXO Raquel

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