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Re-Set and Re-Balance - Decrease Anxiety, Improve Sleep and........Much, Much, More....

Do you experience anxiety? Do you have a difficult time calming down after feeling frustrated or getting angry?

Are you struggling to fall or stay asleep at night on a regular basis?

Do you have hot flashes or insomnia post-menopause or post-chemotherapy?

Does your body feel tense and contracted from tremors due to living with Parkinson's Disease?

If you are, you are NOT alone. Your nervous system may need a re-boot, a re-set, to return to balance.

In this guided Deep Relaxation, the body, mind, emotions, and breath return to a place of complete stillness. This amazing meditation was created by one of my beloved yoga therapy teachers, Nischala Joy Devi.

She devised this meditation in her work with people living with cancer and recovering from serious cardiac trauma. It's been studied in clinical trials as part of a lifestyle program to help the body heal from these illnesses.

I've adapted her meditation to bring to you. All you need is a bed, couch, or chair. Be comfortable, make your environment quiet, and close your eyes. I can make a promise to you that after this meditation, you will feel something shift. It will either be your body relaxed, your breath smoother, your mind quiet, your emotions calm, and hopefully all four of them as most of my patients do.

If you enjoy this meditation, please look for Nischala Joy Devi and purchase her CD's. She is amazing.

Click Play --- enjoy the view of the Selenite as you enter serious relaxation.

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