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Living Yoga Therapy is the NEW Integrative Medicine Arm of Yoga with Raquel

I'm so excited to announce the name for the Integrative Medicine arm of Yoga with Raquel:

Why Living Yoga Therapy?

Living represents what I believe in most: Just living. Handling challenges that come our way with beauty, manage illnesses with elegance, and living intentionally. We get one life, one shot, one chance.

The branding elements for the logo and through the website I chose are clean, simple, and organic. They represent fresh life, vitality, and they are part of the colors from the best day of my life: My wedding.

I've narrowed my business focus to working with people who are living through Cancer, Parkinson's, and my favorite demographic - SENIORS! Yoga with Raquel will continue to work with amazing people that have helped me grow, become a better therapist, and keep inspiring me every time we have a session together. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

An important note about the word "through". I use the term "through" deliberately in how I describe my programs.

Most of you know, I've spent over 25 years working in oncology. Whether a person has 3 months, 2 years, or is in remission, there is a new normal that arrives.

Within this NEW NORMAL, one has to work "through" all that implies. My goal of using the term "through" is to help those individuals learn how to help themselves - whether it is helping them reduce their anxiety, fear, and depression and processing "through" it, to helping them work "through" stiffening muscles and failing vocal cords that happens in Parkinson's.

You will see in the coming days, the launch of TWO new programs in Chicago for people Living Through Cancer and Parkinson's. Programs created ONLY and SPECIFICALLY for them. Check out the website to see more!

A tremendous thanks, as always, to my partner, my love, my best friend, and cheerleader, Brett, for bringing the Living Yoga Therapy name to life in this logo. Without him, I'm not sure that I would have had the courage to make this next stage of my business a true reality.

Just Live. Beautifully. Elegantly. Intentionally. Raquel

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