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Guided Imagery Restores Body Image After Breast Cancer

The Challenge:

A breast cancer diagnosis and its treatments can have significant residual effects on breast cancer survivors.

The Study:

A prospective, randomized, controlled study led by Esplen, et al, published in Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol 36, Number 8, March, 2018, explored an 8-week group intervention of 131 women with non-metastatic breast cancer after they finished their treatment.

The manual-based intervention combined group therapy WITH guided-imagery exercises and was compared against standard of care - providing education along with reading materials.

The Bottom Line:

A group intervention using guided imagery within a group-therapy approach, is an effective method for addressing body-image related concerns and quality of life post-breast cancer.

From the Study: "Women in the Intervention Group reported significantly less concern/distress about body appearance, decreased body stigma, and lower level of breast cancer related concerns vs. Control at (P<.01). Breast cancer quality of life was also better in the Guided Imagery group compared with Control at 1 year follow-up."

Trust in the Experts Who Are Trained:

Yoga Therapists use Guided Imagery, is an essential component of cancer rehabilitation sessions and programs. Guided imagery is clinically meaningful because body-image distress is quite pervasive in women post-treatment, specifically feeling strong and difficult emotions such as shame or disgust.

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