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Take CONTROL of Anxiety by CONTROLLING Your Breath

Anxiety. Just the word can raise our blood pressure, send our minds reeling, make us feel nervous in our stomachs, and leave us feeling out of control. Ironically, there is ONE thing we CAN control in our physical bodies ---> and that is the breath.

People living through cancer need an optimal immune system more than anyone to fight their disease and help maximize their treatments. Their Care Partners AND Care Givers also need it to help bolster THEIR immune systems and manage their anxiety caused by worry, to be the best support they can be for their loved one.

Alleviating anxiety is one way to help the body rest, recover, and post-cancer, simply rehabilitate. By using simple tool of Yoga Therapy, breathing techniques, such as the Alternate Nostril Breath, the relaxation response is triggered, reducing cortisol in the body that is pumped out by the adrenal glands upon feeling anxious, and will leave the nervous system re-balanced and re-set. Over time, if practiced daily, the original trigger of the anxiety may even fade away completely.

To try out the Alternate Nostril Breathing Techique, press PLAY now.... Then continue reading about the journey below..

Anxiety manifests across the entire journey for someone living with cancer.......

At Diagnosis: Hearing the Oncologist say what the diagnosis is can send the mind and emotions into a tail spin, often causes the body to experience shock, and inhibits the mind's ability to process to make a decision on what to do next.

During Treatment: Just the thought of going to the clinic or the hospital for treatment, being in the infusion chair, taking the pill in the morning, or being inside a CT scan or MRI machine can trigger anxiety, full fledged panic attacks, and the cycle continues.

Post-Treatment in Remission or Cancer Free: Just because the cancer may be gone or.... at bay, does not mean the worry that it won't come back goes with it. Many people learning to live with their new norm no longer have constant care around them, feel alone, and worry about what may happen in the future.

And.... For Some, at End of Life: Anxiety about leaving loved ones behind, the financial toxicities of their care, religious, and spiritual concerns begin to increase leaving a person already suffering from a battle almost lost, with the feelings anxiety can create.

Use this breathing technique in the middle of the night when your mind is racing and worrying, use it at the oncologists office while waiting for results, use it while getting radiation, getting your chemo, or just any time you feel you may need it. It has helped so many and I know it will help you. Please try it.

ps... this technique works for ANYONE suffering from anxiety!!!! I use it all the time!

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