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Living Yoga Therapy: Spotlight on Sarcoma - Knowledge is Power. Get it from the RIGHT resource.

Knowledge is power. Yet, knowledge gained from multiple and differing resources can be overwhelming and confusing. Add this to a new diagnosis of Sarcoma, and it can almost be paralyzing.

Today's short video talks about TWO of the best-of-the-best Patient and Care Partner/Care Giver resources for Sarcoma that I've found in my research.

The Leiomyosarcoma Foundation and Imerman Angels have created two unique organizations to support people living through Sarcoma and for the people that care for them.

Click on the video below to hear more about what they do and..... reach out to them. They will help you.

Empower yourselves. Take control of your disease by building YOUR knowledge about your treatment and how YOU can improve your own quality of life through Yoga Therapy and utilizing all of the resources these two organizations can give you.

Click directly on their links below to access.

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