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Care Partners and Givers Need Support to Heal Their Suffering, Too

We focus a lot on the person that HAS cancer.

We should, their lives are changing, EVERYTHING they knew about themselves …. their lives, jobs, bodies, minds, relationships, WILL change. We want to be there for them, shoulder their fear, sadness, anger, carry the load at home, and the list goes on.....

But how do WE, as Care Partners and Care Givers, take care of ourselves? What do WE do, to manage OUR OWN suffering, watching the person we love go through this.

Most don't......

Most of the Care Partners and Givers I've talked with, don't. They don't eat, they don't exercise, they cry in the bathroom, they punch pillows, they hold it in until their bodies hurt or they get sick. The last thing most do, is take a minute...… Take ONE minute to reduce THEIR OWN suffering. When I was a care giver before, to my Uncle and to my ex-boyfriend's mother, I know I didn't. Now, I do better as a care giver because I KNOW better.

I was inspired to create this video from Esther Schorr from Patient Power. When I met her for the first time, she said, "there just isn't much for the Care Partner to help them with their emotions, feelings, or health." Esther has been using yoga to cope with her husband, Andrew's, long journey with CLL. She inspired me to make MORE resources for them.

If you are a Care Partner or a Care Giver, this FREE Video is for you. Honor yourself by TAKING CARE of yourself, because if you don't take care YOU, you won't be able to be there for THEM.

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