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Living Yoga Therapy Shines a Spotlight on Thyroid Cancer and Shout Out to Their Nurses

Happy Fall. Happy September. This month brings with it, many cancer awareness moments.

Today's post and video is focused on Thyroid Cancer Awareness.

To hear a bit about a recent study published in Oncology Nursing Forum by Henry, M et al, in September, 2018, click play below.

The purpose of the study, Feelings of Disenfranchisement and Support Needs Among Patients with Thyroid Cancer, was to offer a better understanding of the experiences, preferences, and needs of people with thyroid cancer.

Participants were at a university-affiliated hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Researchers found that coping with uncertainty was a major theme that emerged from interviews, with some of the main concerns being: difficult treatment decisions, long surgery wait times, and fears about surgical complications, potential metastases, and death. 17 study participants reported that without a nurse as part of the multi-disciplinary team, they would be lost in a system they believed minimized their illness and offered few resources to support them in a time of crisis.

September, 2018, Vol 45 No. 5, Oncology Nursing Forum, 639-652

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