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November is National Care Givers and Partners Month: Take Care of YOU

"Give from the overflow of your well or you will have little to give." A quote from one of my beloved yoga therapy teachers, Nischala Joy Devi.

As a Care Giver myself, this is EASIER said than done. When someone we love is in need, especially, if they have cancer, we drop EVERYTHING. We skip the gym, a meal, a date with a friend. If we don't, guilt ensues, followed by shame, and a whole host of other miserable emotions. There is a strange part of us, as care givers, that can almost feel "badly" about feeling relaxed, happy or at peace when someone we love is ill or suffering.

How do we fill up the well? Practice. Really, just practice. Practice bringing awareness to your actions, your thoughts, what you are feeling in your body when you feel guilty, or skip the gym. Practice some breathing techniques, do 1 or 2 guided deep relaxations, meet the friend for coffee or tea, take a nice bath with a glass of wine. DO IT and do NOT feel guilty for relaxing, feeling joy, or peace whilst doing it.

November is National Care Giver (and I'll add Care Partner thanks to Esther Schorr of Patient Power) Month! I have created Mind-Body practices just for you, for us, to help build our resilience.

Below is a video introducing your month, our month. You can find your videos and audios on my Youtube channel, Living Yoga Therapy. There is a Playlist JUST for you.

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