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Resiliency as a Nurse - You have it, yet need more!

Nurses by design are already innately resilient. In fact, to an extreme level.

Oncology nurses, in particular, not only are resilient, but have an exponential amount of empathy and compassion, both for their patients and those around them.

Enter Compassion Fatigue. It's real. It exists. It affects nurses on the front-line because they are that one person that the patient and their families trust the most.

Don't misunderstand - they trust their oncologist, their radiation oncologist, or surgeon. Those experts are unbelievable at what they know and do. Patients trust them on their treatment protocols, their diagnosis, and their skills.

Their emotions, their mental states, and how they manage how they feel during treatment, on the other hand, are supported by the NURSE.

It's due to this cumulative front-line support that often leave the nurse feeling that he/she doesn't have an outlet nor time to re-set and re-balance that leave them feeling un-grounded, exhausted, unable to cope, and over time can lead to burnout.

If you are a nurse reading this, I hope this speaks to you and you are compelled to watch the video I've made for you. If you are a patient or care giver reading this, send it to your favorite nurse that is helping you along your journey. It's something you can do between patients, to help re-build that resilience a little at a time.

I have a Playlist dedicated to you and lead programs all of the country to support you. Check it out on Living Yoga Therapy.

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